Be Brave.

Start Traveling alone.

You'd like to travel alone, but you're too scared or you doesn't have a travel partner?

not so solo.travels helps you to discover all the advantages of a solo traveller.

Because I am with you virtually, I am your "rock in the waves.

Message me. Book your Flight. And let's get it started.



I am Annika
With not so solo.travels you're going to experience, what it means being a solo traveller. And I am gonna help you. Why does everyone swear by it? Why does everyone advise you to do it?

Do you really have to experience it? And should you rather start traveling alone now than in 5 years? I am looking forward answering all your questions.

I was at the same point in life as you are. I wanted to experience my very own adventure. But one the one hand, I couldn't find the right travel partner and on the other, I wanted to challenge myself and go traveling all alone.

I was only able to do so, because I stopped thinking about it, and stopped worrying. Close your eyes and hope for it - I booked the flight: I travelled 5 weeks with a camper through Canada. All by myself. And it's been the best decision of my life.




Of course it is very easy to travel with someone else. Very convenient.

You are much more brave and you can share your adventures.

BUT: Although you're traveling alone, you won't be alone ever. You're going to meet so many new friends and you'll share your adventures with them. You will leave your comfort zone and the best thing is: You can just do, what you want to do. No compromises, only if you want to.

You need some time in the morning to wake up? Or you're a morning person and you can't start your day? Either or: You choose the pace, you choose when to do what.

Another plus: Adventures and encounters are so much more intense, as you only focus on that. No sharing of your attention with another person.

You can use all of your time for you and your thoughts. And you will learn soon, how good it feels to be alone – if you want to. Again: You'll only be alone, if you decide to. #notsosolo




This is how I am going to help you with your firstadventure as solo-traveller. Packinglist, Skype-Calls, WhatsApp-Support, Meetings in Bali: I am by your side.

book your flight and I am going to help you with everything else.


Before your trip


Every good trip starts with a good preparation. Especially, when you're insecure, it'll help you to feel prepared and more safe. For the perfect planning I am going to help you with my To-Do and packing-list.

During the Trip


I am your support during your travels.

Face to face or via Whatsapp. You've got a short question: I am there for you.

After your Trip


You've got questions after your travels or you'd like to order photos from me? Well there is nothing better than having photos, that remind you of that adventure.





Annika Brandt

Heidberg 60, 22301 Hamburg

Tel: +491749199299


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