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I'm offering you the following services.

I acompany you on your way to your very first adventure as a solo traveller. You only have to book your flights, let me know about your travel dates and we can get it started.

I'm going to support you with all your planning and will mentor you, once you're in Bali – as a coach for solo travelling.

Whatever happens: I am there. I know the island, I know the people and I will give you very important tipps.
How do you get to know other travelers? How do you handle situations, that aren't usal? What to do, when you're lonely?

Let's work together on all those answers. Uncertainty shouldn't be a fear factor anymore.







  • SUPPORT in all of your questions about traveling to Bali (Vaccinations, driver's license etc.)

  • Tips And Tricks for your preparation

  • Facetime-/WhatsApp-Call   30 Min. to get to know each other and to answer questions.

  • Pacingkliste before you start traveling

  • WhatsApp Support from 8 a.m. bali-Time (CIT) to 6 p.m. Bali-Time (CIT) 5 messages/day

  • Abholservice from Airport. I'll organize a driver for a good price for you. (Costs are not covered by me)

  • Kick-Off MeetUp: while eating Pizza or Indo-food, we'll have a meetup and I'll give you an introduction into the Bali life. I'll tell you, what you should take care about, where to find the best spots and what you can actually discover.

  • Best of List of the best cafés and restaurants, the "places to b"e and the "where to go's"

  • Scooter-Rental I'll organize a scooter for a good price for you and will bring it to your accomodation. (Costs are not covered by me)

  • LUNCH WWe'll meet 1x for Lunch and you'll tell me how it's going and how you feel.

  • I am there for you, I am your backuo, so you know: You're never alone. (Unless you want to)



Price on Request

  • Additional Calls, if you've got anymore questions or insecurity shows up.

  • Support with booking

  • booking of accomodation

  • Whatsapp Support before the travels

  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support

  • Personal PickUp service: I'll pick you up from the airport and we'll go together to your accomodation.

  • SCOOTER LESSONS never driven a scooter before? I teach you how to be comfortable with traffic in Indonesia.

  • Find more solo travellers you are scared to talk to strangers? I am not. I'll help you and show you how.

  • Coaching: You want to book something, but you don't know how? You're too shy to reach out to other people and to talk to them? I am going to help you and will give you the needed confidence to finally try. Together we can make it work!

  • Vis-á-vis Support You've got a bad day? No problem – I know this feeling. You're just moody and then no one is there to talk to? I am there for you.

  • Help with Sickness: You are sick or you even gotta go to the doctors? I can accompany you and talk to the doctors.

  • Photos of your trip. I can shoot a few photos fo you during your travels. You can also book me for a real photoshoot. It's so nice to have some good photos for your memories.

  • photoalbum of your trip. Of course I'll also prepare a photo book for you if you want to.

  • Video

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