January 1, 2019

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CANADA – A girl. A camper. 5 weeks.

July 23, 2018

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3 nights in Bangkok.

January 1, 2019

Before returning back to Bali, I decided to visit another city, which has been on my list for a long time. And as it was even cheaper to fly to Bangkok (with Eurowings) and then take another flight to Bali, I decided to explore the city for a few days.


I didn't prepare very well, as I have been very busy the weeks before I left.

So I actually just booked a hostel in advance and that's it. This time I wanted to stay in a real dorm, as I 've never done it before.


I read a few blogs while being in the plane and asked a few people for advices for Bangkok. And I was really excited being alone again and just taking the time to take photos and to eat A LOT.


Before every trip I check on how I can actually get from the airport to the place I stay at. Especially when I am travelling alone with a huuuuge backpack (and two more smaller bags to carry), I just like to know, what's the best way (time and pricewise).
I decided to take a cab, as it's pretty cheap and I really didn't wanna carry my bags in a train with me – which would've been impossible anyways.


At the airport I met two Germans. I decided to ask them, where they wanted to go, so we could share a taxi.
Luckily my hostel was on their way. So we shared and chatted for a bit. I think it's always a good option to get in touch with other travellers at the airport. Either to share a cab or even to go out for dinner together later on.





I stayed at the Niras Hostel in Bangkok. Which is right next to the golden Mountain Temple and just a short 10-15 min. walk to Khao San Road. Which is apparently the place to be in Bangkok.

Solo-Traveller Tipp:

Most of the time, I book hotels, hostels etc. in advance. Especially for the first night.
It makes me so much more calm, when I know where to go from the airport.



Every time I check in a hostel, I am a bit nervous.

I am nervous about the place itself, nervous about the people I meet and just nervous being alone.

I checked in a 6 bed room dorm, where 3 beds where taken.

Long story short: I didn't get that much sleep the first night. People came home late, some girls had to get up at 5.00 and everybody was just making sooo much noise. (I think I am getting old too :) )

Anyways: The day I arrived I started exploring right away and just walked around the city. I wanted to get to Khao San Road to grab some street food for dinner.
I was walking and looking at my phone in order to find the directions, when all of a sudden someone kicked me in my shin. I looked up to find out what happened and if I ran into someone, when I found out that a guy kicked me on purpose and didn't even stop. He just kept on going.
I was starring at some ladies at a food stand to check if that's normal (weird thoughts, I know), but they seemed confused aswell.

I was close to tears. Not because it hurt. It was just because someone tried to hurt me on porpuse (mentally and physically) I started analyzing what I did wrong, if I was wearing wrong clothes or if I offended him in any way. When I stopped at traffic light I turned around, still confused of what just happened, when I saw two girls looking at each other extremely shocked. I walked up to them and asked if any one of them just got kicked by a guy. And I was right: One of the girls got kicked on her thigh aswell.

Honestly I felt better as he obviously didn't want to hurt me as a person. He wanted to hurt "this type of person", but not me directly.

I tried to wipe away the bad feelings and kept on walking.


Solo-Traveller Tipp:

If you are in an uncomfortable situation, talk to others. For example if you are feeling a bit scared, join others and ask them, if you can be with them for a while as you feel unsafe. Everybody will welcome you and helpyou through this.


The first stop on Khao San Road was a Spa, where I got a 90 minutes Thai Massage.
I love to spoil myself after long flights and I only once had a proper Thai Massage. Although everybody says that Thai Massages in Thailand are the best, I can't agree.


I still think that Balinese Massages are better.

After the Massage I was ready to try the food! I passed hundreds of food stands. From basic Satay to the wildest insects like scorpions and worms.





Khao San Road by night.


I ended up in a small little street restaurant at the end of Khao San road and ordered sweet and sour seafood something and a Chang beer. I always place myself very wisely, when I am alone: I love to watch people passing, so I literaly go a front row seat and started watching the tourists and studied their behaviours.


I was almost done with eating, when Chan asked me if he could sit at the same table.
Chan is born and raised in Bangkok and he comes to that restaurant every week: "Very delicious and still a good price for what you get".

Chan is already retired and he loves to travel. He has been to Germany 7 times already. I enjoyed his company and travel stories a lot – these are the moments, when I simply love solo travelling.


Solo-Traveller Tipp:

Don't avoide eye-contact. Smile to strangers, offer them a seat and soon you will be in good company.




On the way back to the hostel I walked pass a street bbq. The locals basically just set up 10 bbq and sat down next to them on the ground, enjoying their delicious snacks fresh from the grill.



The next day I wanted to visit a few temples and markets and just started walking around.

Bangkok is sometimes extremely sleady. But you can also find beauty within.

I stopped from time to time to just watch the poople passing by. Or guys with their TukTuk stopping at small food stands.




I enjoy taking photos a lot more, when I am alone. So I was actually looking forward to that trip to try my new Canon Camera. I can totally get lost while taking photos. It's meditative.


Solo-Traveller Tipp:

Always combine things that you truly enjoy. Bring a book, get a massage, go to concerts, write poems. Solo trips means "me time".

After walking for around 1h I arrived in Chinatown, where I wanted to visit the "Old Market" close to the Yaowarat Road. Be prepared, to kind of dive into a microorganism. You'll walk through small and smelly alleys. It's warm, your nose will go crazy and you'll see hundreds of small stands with the weirdest food, fruits, nuts, spices and "fresh" meat.

I loved it.




"Old Market" at Yaowarat Road


Everyone told me about the around one million temples and I am always fascinated, but also very nervous when entering one. I am always afraid to disturb someone or to break any kind of rule and being accidentally impolite.

I always bring my own Sarong and always cover my legs, although it's not always necessary. Especially in very touristy temples.

I visited a few smaller temples. Actually I entered every temple I passed by. But after the third one, I agreed with myself, that I will now directly walk to the Wat Phra Chetuphon Temple, before I am too bored to see anymore temples.
The Wat Phra Chetuphon is impressiv. First of all it's huge. Second very detailed. And third: Touristy!






After seeing 4 different temples, I was ready to move on to the next attraction on my list: Muay Thai Boxing at the Channel 7 Boxing Stadium. On Sundays they're supposed to have free entry for a Muay Thai show.
I took the cab, which took 40minutes to get there, as traffic was crazy! Tried to find the entrance for half an hour to then find out, that the show was already over. Well,...luckily I had two markets on my list which were close by. So I ended up at the Chatuchak market going crazy while shopping.
Of course I would've loved to see the show, but sometimes plans are just notworking (next time I should check the hours and go early), but no need to get mad - simply find another thing to do.


After shopping I wenttotheJJ Green Night market, located right next to the Chatuchak market. More stands and tons of food.

It was time to find a good place to eat.


Sometimes it takes a while for me to decide, where I want to eat. First of all: What kind of food?
Second: Is it solo-travel friendly? Sometimes I just don't feel comfortable in a restaurant and it takes hours to decide where I want to sit and what to eat. Luckily, only your hunger is rushing you. No one else. Take your time and find the perfect spot.


I chose a small hot pot restaurant - unfortunately they only had portions for 2.
Good for them I'm a good eater ;-)

They were  slightly confused, that I was eating alone and were kinda watching me, while eating.

Me on the other hand: I was enjoying my delicious dinnner, while watching people passing by.











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